Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Making Shared Configuration Profiles Unique

Several people in the community have, from time to time, shared Configuration Profiles via Dropbox links, forum posts, or github. Nick McSpadden has graciously shared a fairly large collection.

There are a few problems one is faced with after copying so many profiles from someone else this way.
  1. The top-level PayloadIdentifier is not ours
  2. The PayloadUUIDs are no longer unique
The first problem is easily solved with existing tools.

sed -i '' 's/org\.sacredsf/org\.glenbrook225/' ./*.mobileconfig

The second problem…not so much.

I wrote a little something to create new UUIDs for the configs.

It works but it needs two things that I can think of.
  1. the nested PayloadIdentifiers should update. I'm thinking something like Apple does but without the text. Maybe formatted like so: ""
  2. sometimes the outer-level moves from the top of the file to the bottom. I don't know if this is because dictionaries in python have no order or some other reason but it makes them less human-readable.

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