Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yosemite SUCatalog Size

When I noticed repo_sync downloading all the OS X voices again I got mildly concerned about storage space.

Luckily, I learned that lesson once already and /var is mounted on top of an LVM storage pool in the Ubuntu VM that runs reposado. After a quick 'df -h' I switched over to ##osx-server and asked about the yoyo's storage requirements. gneagle suggested I do some investigation on my own and publish what I discovered.

I decided to stop the repo_sync run for the time being and disable the cronjob.

Later, I got curious and whipped this up in an iPython notebook after briefly taking a look at the catalog itself.


import plistlib
import urllib2

catalog_url = ''
total_size = 0.0

yoyo_sucatalog = urllib2.urlopen(catalog_url).read()
yoyo_plist = plistlib.readPlistFromString(yoyo_sucatalog)
yoyo_prod = yoyo_plist['Products']

for k in yoyo_prod:
    for item in yoyo_prod[k]['Packages']:
        total_size += item['Size']

print str(total_size / 1073741824) + ' GiB'
print str(total_size / 1000000000) + ' GB'

And the output?

128.361939469 GiB
137.827583018 GB

So there you have it. Approximately 130-140 Gigs (for varying definitions of Gig).

There is probably some insignificant amount of overhead in everything that comes down from the server too. *shrug*

Looks like I need to add a drive to the VM and expand the pool. :)

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